All Star Game Coverage: A Complete Weekend Recap

With All-Star weekend come and gone, teams are now gearing up for the last stretch before the playoffs. Before that, a look back at All-Star weekend and what happened, through the coverage here at Grinder’s Gazette.

A recap of what kicked off the weekend, as the NHL released the top 100 players to have ever played the game. The list wasn’t without some controversy, something that had to be expected to an extent.

Next, a preview of the skills competition, with the pending race between Nathan MacKinnon and Connor McDavid being the marquee matchup.

A recap of the skills competition, and a brief look towards the game on Sunday.

Playing the first game of the new All-Star game tournament format, the Pacific division rolled past the Central, winning 10-3

The Atlantic division won the skills competition on Saturday night, giving the option of who they play first. They didn’t choose well, losing in the first game to the Metropolitan division.

Wayne Simmonds scored the game-winner and ends up getting the MVP as the Metropolitan tops the Pacific by the score of 4-3.

My look back at the game itself, and how the NHL has finally found the perfect way to display the league’s talent and has put some fun back in the ASG.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend that was. It was a perfect step back from the usual seriousness that can be the game, and enjoy it before things turn crazy for the playoffs.


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