All Star Game: Metropolitan Late Stand Holds Off Pacific, 4-3

To be quite fair, you can tell just how much effort was being put into these games, and when there is something on the line. After the winning team broke the ten goal mark in both contests, the championship game saw just seven scores combined.

Players could feel, or maybe realize the fact that $1 million was on the line to the winner, and things got a little tighter than the first couple of games.

In the end, Wayne Simmond’s third of the day was the difference, as the Metropolitan won 4-3. Cam Atkinson scored to tie it at 3 after the Pacific division took a 3-2 lead.

The first thing you think of when it comes to All-Star games are definitely not the goaltenders, but overall the championship game was filled with more big saves than goals.

Both Sergei Bobrovsky and Braden Holtby for the Metropolitan combined to put aside 14-of-17 shots. Holtby stopped all five shots he faced in the second game, and only allowed three overall.

Holtby made a big save on Brad Marchand in the first game, Bobrovsky matched him in the final, getting his blocker out on Brent Burns to prevent a goal.

  • Not sure if this is official, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down but there was a goal disallowed late in the game for the Pacific division that would have given them the fourth goal. Ryan Kesler scored, but Connor McDavid was ruled to be offsides when they went back and reviewed it. Wayne Gretzky, coaching the Metropolitan, initiated the challenge.
  • Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin were held off the scoresheet in the championship game. They had less scoring opportunities than they did in the first game, where they picked up a couple of garbage time goals. Don’t really feel like the two meshed well at all.
  • Ryan McDonagh made a couple of rough plays in the defensive zone – who didn’t though – but more than made up for it with a kick save on a shot by Ryan Kesler that would have tied the game. Holtby was out of place, and McDonagh stepped in with an open net behind him and kept the game tied.

  • You could see, on several occasions, Gretzky laughing on the bench. You can tell he was having a blast. They should make it a yearly thing to get the Great One behind a bench during the All-Star game.

Scoring Summary

PAS – Pavelski (2), Doughty, Carter

MAS – Jones (2), Hall, Faulk

MAS – Faulk (1), Tavares

PAS – McDavid (2), Kesler

PAS – Horvat (2), Gaudreau

MAS – Atkinson (3), Unassisted

MAS – Simmonds (3), Hall


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